About Us

Welcome to Bestesia,

It was the necessity, the motivation to serve, and the aim for providing a society where the residents are on an elevated level of satisfaction, that compelled to create Bestesia. We started from the bottom and with high ambitions and positive intentions to provide; are aiming to be the best.

At first, things were hard and the hurdles were many but the will was of steel. We had plans and those plans needed determination. We united under the banner, spent day and night to study what are your needs and expectations. Soon we arrived at the Juncture where Bestesia was no more an idea but a reality.

Aim of Bestesia

Our objective is simple but substantial. We aim to deliver, to solve, to provide, to guide, to build, to assist, to enhance, and to update our valuable users regarding their favorite products. Your needs are our concern and our dream is their fulfillment.

What we will represent in the site

Bestesia has incorporated all the essential products, their in-depth reviews, and side-to-side comparison that shall allow our users to have an enriched and premium experience. The Site shall provide data and information pivotal for your purchases and also bonuses which shall help you to get the best deals out there in the vast market.

How bestesia can help you to get your best product

Our assistance comprises detailed articles, charts, info-graphic comparison tables, a myriad of hyper-successful, and most reviewed products with positive compliments. The site will aim to provide every intricate detail regarding featured products to boost your confidence while making a purchase. We have ensured that all types of customers and users are satisfied here on one platform regarding the products they desire. 

And by “We“, means our hardworking and enthusiastic team.

Team Introduction

The backbone of this project is Team Bestesia. Under the leadership of Lisa and with a coalition of our dedicated and professional team members; Bestesia is in hands that are willing to work according to their truest potential.

owner of bestesia LisaLisa: As being the leader of the project and the main think-tank. She is noticeably qualified. Equipped with an experience of Thirteen plus years in studying, using, selling, reviewing, and producing kitchen products. Making her worthy of representing the rest of the team.

victor handler marketing manager of bestesiaVictor V. Handler: Victor is Bestesia’s Marketing Manager, with rock-solid experience in competitive marketing and customer services. Besides, he is a full-time employee at Bestesia, as he is an expert in cooking utensils, cookers, and cooking products. With experience of more than 7-years.

Odella weaver as content editor of bestesiaOdella Weaver: Odella is the soul of this website, she is in direct communication with our users through content. She is the content editor and reviewer. Odella has an astounding understanding of juicer products and all their trivial details. Alongside all this, she is an expert at her content editing.

Mathew jackson as product researcher of bestesiaMathew Jackson: Mathew is designated as the main Product Researcher and analyst. He is an expert on market strategies, product value, and on innovations happening now and then. Moreover, he has a substantial grip on his field of Electronic Kitchen Appliances and electronic appliances as a whole.