10 Best Juicers For Leafy Greens in 2021 – Top Rated Juicers

by lisa | Last Updated: December 28th, 2020 at 8:22 am

best juicer for leafy greens mini size What Kind of Best Juicer for Leafy Greens will be beneficial? What makes a juicer efficient for yielding juice? and which one will be the best?  

Let’s Figure it out Today!

As you grow, you realize that consuming greens is as important as having meat in your diet because it keeps you healthy and flushes all the toxins from your body. Most people like to drink the juice of greens because it can be hard to eat. You can make green juice yourself with the help of a specialized juicer that works amazingly well on thin leaves.

There are so many options available on the market, and it is essential to get the right one so that you don’t end up wasting money. These juicers are different than the blenders, which only work on harder fruits. Since the leafy greens are quite thin, they need to be pressed to squeeze out the extract.

So for leafy greens, you need a masticating juicer or a cold press to get the job done. Such juicers work at low speed to press the leaves and separate the pulp from the juice. We have carefully reviewed some of the best juicers for leafy greens down below to help you make the right pick for a healthy diet.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Omega NC900HDC

  • Quiet but powerful motor
  • 13 pounds
  • 15 year coverage
Premium Choice
Hurom HP 

  • It handles years of daily use.
  • Duplicate safety sensors allow the unit to operate
  • 18.06 lbs
Great Value
Tribest GSE-5000

  • Stainless steel twin gears
  • Complete Masticating System
  • Homogenizing accessories 


10 Best Juicers for Leafy Greens

Omega NC900HDC juicer Extractor
  • POWER: Quiet but powerful motor
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Highlights: the adjustable end cap has 5-settings for max. juice
  • Year: 15 year coverage
Check Price
Hurom HP 
  • Quality: It handles years of daily use.
  • Yield: Unique lowspeed auger squeezes every drop of juice from foods
  • Safety: Duplicate safety sensors allow the unit to operate
  • Weight: 18.06 lbs
Check Price
Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press
  • Stainless stell: Stainless steel twin gears
  • System: Complete Masticating System
  • Accessories: Homogenizing accessories 
  • Function: Reverse Function serves as a way to prevent jamming 
Check Price
Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
  • System: Upgrade the spiral system
  • Speed: 80 RPM slow masticating and grinding
  • Function: Juice and pulp separation function
  • Loud: Baby health and silent
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Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer
  • Working: Wide feeding chute for easy and fresh juicing 
  • Made: Made of ultem tritan ABS and PC premium design
  • System: Easy clean system smart cap
  • Power: Powerful 240W Motor Minimal
Check Price
SKG Q8 Juicer
  • Working: Easy of Use
  • Benefit: Keep more Nutritious
  • Final product: More flavorful juice
  • DIY: Easy to (Dis-) Assemble and clean
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IKICH Masticating Juicer
  • Function: 2 Masticating Speeds & Reverse Function
  • Yield: Higher Juice Yield & more nutritious 
  • DIY: Easy to assemble & clean
  • Safety: Safe operation and low noise
Check Price
Breville BJS700SIL juicer
  • Space: Large 3-inch Feed Chute
  • Power: Powerful Low-speed extraction method
  • Smart cap: Create various mixed juices
  • Conveniently easy for self rinse: Stainless steel mesh filter
Check Price
Omega H3000D Cold Press
  • Final Product: Healthy and delicious juices
  • Benefit: Boost your immunity
  • Design: The Compact and sleek design of this juicer
  • Value: Higher Nutritional Value
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Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  • Best gift: Multi-purpose for fruits, veggies, greens
  • Yield: High juice yield and richer nutrition
  • Safety: Safe and quiet operation
  • DIY: Quick and easy to clean
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01. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

The Omega NC900HDC is a versatile and popular juicer for leafy greens that can easily separate the pulp from the juice and squeeze out more juice as compared to centrifugal juicers. This is a large appliance with an elegant design and has four rubber feet at the bottom to make it stand steady.

The system consists of a single auger that efficiently chops the greens, and then the produce is squeezed to take out the juice. It consists of a large chute for pushing down the food and prevents the greens or the chopped fruit from falling out. It comes with five different speed settings, which can help you to take out juice from denser fruits.

The juicer has a solid plastic and metal body that enhances its durability and makes it last longer. The masticating juicer has a slow speed of 80 rpm, which makes sure to squeeze out every last vitamin from the thin leaves of celery or wheatgrass for a morning drink.

Unlike most juicers, the Omega NC900HDC is very quiet when completing its process. Juicers tend to make a lot of noise, which can wake up the entire household when everything is quiet early in the morning. So you don’t have to worry about noise due to its slow speed.

  • High juice yield
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Large chute
  • Quiet appliance
  • Occupies more space
  • heavy
This juicer has a special button, which, when pressed, unclogs the food that may have gotten stuck inside the machine. The unattached juice and pulp containers make it extremely easy to clean, which is the best thing about this juicer. The Omega NC900HDC is easy to use and clean and gives more green juice, which makes it worth buying.


2. Hurom HP – Best Leafy Greens Juicer

Hurom HP

The Hurom HP is a compact-sized juicer that has a slow juicing mechanism to squeeze out more juice, and it is ideal for people who don’t want their leafy green juicer to occupy a lot of space. It has a vertical design and comes in the light mint color, which makes it look appealing.

It has a decently sized juicer chamber, which can store a generous amount of juice. The juice nozzle of the chamber is faced slightly downwards, so you can place a large bottle under it to store the juice coming out. You can use it for leafy greens as well as for softer fruits.

The juicer has a slow speed of 43rpm, and the reason for the slow speed is to get more juice yield. The high-quality motor works quietly and produces less heat as compared to the centrifugal juicers, which can get damaged easily.

It is quite easy to clean and comes with its brush for cleaning it up. All you have to do is pour water in the chute feed and turn it on. The juice residue, along with the water, is rinsed out from the mouth. This is a lightweight appliance weighing only 11.8 ounces, making it easy to carry to your workplace.

  • More juice yield
  • Durable plastic build
  • Compact design
  • Occupies less space
  • Not for harder fruits
The juicer is made out of several quality plastic materials that makes it last longer and does not heat up. The Hurom HP is an affordable juicer that has a gorgeous design and works quite efficiently when making leafy green juices. So make sure to check it out when looking to buy a best juicer for leafy greens.


3. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press

The Tribest GSE-5000 is an extremely high-quality juicer that uses a two-gear system for chipping and squeezing out the juice extract from all kinds of fruits and veggies. It is a huge appliance with a quality white paint finish, which eliminates peel off. It has amazing components to give you the best performance.

The two gears that are involved in the three-stage juicing process are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion free and does not get damaged. The gears crush, mix and press the food chunks to produce more juice yield. It takes a bit longer due to the 110rpm speed of the motor but still does a great job.

The parts of the appliance are easily removable for cleaning purposes, and you can assemble it again after cleanup. It has a narrow feed chute to effectively push down the greens or the fruits. Produce can get stuck in the wider chutes, so having a narrow chute is not so bad, after all.

Loud appliance noise can be quite annoying and can cause headaches. This juicer does not make a lot of sound due to its slow speed, which is one of its strong features and makes it one of the best juicers for leafy greens. The juice tastes extremely nice and has a nice consistency, as pointed by its users.

  • Durable build quality
  • Large appliance
  • Powerful technology
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit difficult to assemble
You can use it to make almost any juice, whether it is carrots, kale or celery. It offers a 12-year warranty, which is the best thing about this brand. Now you don’t have to worry about buying another juicer. The Tribest GSE-5000 is a versatile juicer that is not only suitable for greens but also denser fruits.


4. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

The Aicok masticating juicer makes use of amazing technology to give you more juice yield as compared to centrifugal juicers. It has an elegant horizontal design with a chrome finish that is durable and has a shiny surface. The appliance consists of a large juice container so that the juice does not spill.

The auger of the juicer finely presses the leafy greens to extract the juice. A mesh strainer covers the auger to sperate the pulp from the juice. The long feeding tube of juicer makes it easy to put all your greens in there.

The juicer has amazing performance when it comes to greens. The juice has just the perfect consistency and tastes exceptionally good, as pointed out by most users. It ensures to squeeze out all the vitamins that play an important role in a healthy diet. Hence, it is one of the best juicers for leafy greens.

When it comes to cleaning, the juicer offers a one-button operation. As a result of pressing the button, the juicer components come apart, leaving the motor housing behind. You can easily clean these parts yourself or can place them in the dishwasher.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • More dry pulp
  • Durable build
  • Takes longer
The slow speed of 80rpm makes it create less noise when running as compared to the high-speed centrifugal juicers. It also works better at slow speed, and you end up with more juice and an even dryer pulp. The Aicok has everything you need to drink a better-tasting green juice each morning.


5. Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer

The Kuvings B6000PR is another vertical leafy green juicer that uses efficient technology to give you the best tasting green juice. The juicer has a marron shiny paint job that looks quite attractive. It has a wide and long feed tube for putting all your greens at once.

The compact size of the juicer makes it portable, and it occupies less space on your kitchen countertop. It is also simple and easy to assemble because it does not consist of extra components. The juicer requires cleaning after each use and offers an easy cleaning process.

The juicer has a low noise level due to its slow speed of only 60 rpm. So you can pleasantly make green juice anytime without it causing you a headache. No matter how dense the fruit or the vegetable is, you won’t hear much noise.

It can be easily disassembled and reassembled when cleaning up the appliance. The plastic build of the juicer is BPA free. BPA chemicals usually found in plastic containers can get into your food and can be very harmful to your health.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Safe to use
  • Easy cleanup
  • Durable quality
  • Works quietly
  • Cannot wash in dishwasher
The auger of the juicer is made of durable material, which can chop and mix hard fruits. It can last longer as it is not easily breakable. It also comes with a mesh strainer when you want to make yummy smoothies. The Kuvings B6000PR is easy to use, has great juice taste, and is BPA free, which makes it a great option.


6. SKG Q8 – Best Juicer for Leafy Greens

SKG Q8 Juicer

The SKG Q8 is an outstanding cold press juicer that has a sophisticated design and uses an effective pressing mechanism to give rich and flavorful juice. It has a gorgeous style, including a shiny red paint finish. The juicer has useful features that make it easy to use it daily.

The best thing about this juicer is that it has two feeding chutes. One is a wide turn over cup best suitable for large and round fruits and veggies. The other is a long narrow feeding tube, which is perfect for leafy greens. So now you won’t have any trouble putting in the fruits and the greens.

The juicer has a jug-like handle, which makes it easy to hold on to when feeding wheatgrass or tomatoes in the chute. The efficient auger easily chops all the produce and hard presses it at a slow speed to squeeze out the juice. Being a masticating juicer, it prevents the juice from getting oxidized keeping it fresh.

It is not noisy as compared to the centrifugal juicers, which makes a lot of noise because of their high speed. The juicer has two output nozzles, one for the juice and another for the pulp. It efficiently separates the two and saves you a lot of work.

  • Flavorful juice
  • Elegant design
  • Two feeding chutes
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot wash in a dishwasher
The juicer is quite easy to clean and assemble as it has the necessary components such as juice containers and strainer. The dry pulp of the produce can tell you a lot about its high juice yield and performance. For drinking juices filled with vitamins and minerals, you should buy this juicer.


7. IKICH Masticating Juicer

IKICH Masticating Juicer

The IKICH slow masticating juicer is an affordable cold press for people who want a high functioning appliance that offers great performance. It has a simple design with a motor on one side and an auger system on the other. The silver paint finish makes it look elegant and won’t experience any peel off.

The juicer is quite easy to take apart and clean as it does not have the various extra components you find in fancy juicers. You can make green veggie juice in it as well as squeeze lemons for your recipes. The pulp of the greens comes out from the auger end, while the juice is released from the bottom nozzle.

Usually, slow juicers operate at the same speed level for both hard fruits and softer vegetables. That is not the case with the IKICH juicer. It offers two-speed settings for both fruits and veggies so that you can quickly and efficiently make your refreshing juice drink.

The parts of the juicer can be washed in a dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty when you are running late for work. The food pusher of the juicer is composed of a soft rubber top for comfortably pushing the fruits in the chute. It is simple to set up and use.

  • Fewer components
  • Easy cleanup
  • Simple operation
  • Offers speed options
  • Plastic build
Leaves or fruit chunks can sometimes get stuck in the juicer. This masticating juicer offers a reverse function feature to resolve the clog issue. When this button is clicked, it reverses the movement of the auger to unclog the juicer. It is an amazing budget juicer perfect for your leafy greens, which is why it is worth considering.


8. Breville BJS700SIL Juicer

Breville BJS700SIL Juicer

The Breville BJS700SIL is a superb quality slow juicer, and you can tell that the moment your eyes land on it. The body of the juicer is made of ABS plastic that is well known for its high durability and resistance to heat. It is a vertical appliance occupying less space.

The juicer has two feeding chutes for both fruits and veggies. The presence of two feeding chutes saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to cut the harder fruits into pieces. You can easily fit apples, lemons, or celery in the chute without any preparation.

The mesh strainer that surrounds the auger is made out of stainless steel, which means that it does not corrode after constant washing. The mesh removes the pulp that may get into your juice. As a result, you end up with juice full of nutrients and vitamins.

The large auger of the juicer works exceptionally well to squeeze out all the juice from any kind of fruits or vegetables. The juice has a thick consistency, giving you a rich and flavorful taste. It works quietly and does not make a lot of noise, which is the best thing about a slow juicer.

  • High juice consistency
  • Durable constructions
  • Attractive design
  • Requires less preparation
  • Clogs easily
The BJS700SIL provides a feature where the juicer jug cleans itself. All you have to do is pour water and then rinse it out after giving the mixer a run. Easy juicer clean up can save you a lot of time, and that is why Breville BJS700SIL is one of the best juicers for leafy greens. So you must consider it when making your pick.


9. Omega H3000D Cold Press

Omega H3000D Cold Press

The Omega H3000D is another excellent juicer by Omega that allows you to squeeze out the juice from leafy greens as well as several types of fruits. It has a horizontal design that has a bulky yet compact build. The body has a matte black finish that has a quality shine to it.

The juicer is quick and easy to assemble. You can learn to assemble it in seconds as it does not require you to read up a whole manual. The juicer can be cleaned by removing its components and washing them by yourself or with the use of a dishwasher.

It provides higher juice yield because of the presence of a superior auger system. The pulp comes out dryer from the end of the auger housing. With such a powerful appliance, you are motivated to live healthy by making fresh veggie juice each morning.

The compact-sized juicer can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. It does not occupy too much space. And the gorgeous design of the juicer adds beauty to your elegant kitchen style. The juicer is also quite affordable for people looking for a budget-friendly cold press.

  • Compact size
  • Leaves no pulp in juice
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple cleanup
  • Single chute requires more preparation
The detailed mesh strainer of the juicer leaves no pulp in your drink. It does not require you to pass the juice through a separate filter again. So for pulp-free juice and easy cleanup, the Omega H3000D is a great option if you want to enjoy fresh juice every morning.


10. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

The Aobosi is another horizontal masticating juicer that works exceptionally well on all types of fruits and veggies. This appliance works slowly to squeeze out every last drop of juice from the pulp. The left out pulp looks dry, which is a big indicator of its high performance.

The auger and the strainer are both made out of stainless steel. It is a highly durable material and is susceptible to damage and corrosion. The motor moves at a speed of 80rpm, which is good enough in a cold press juicer for making vegetable or fruit juices.

The body of the juicer has a red paint finish and a compact triangular shape, which makes it portable. As a result, it occupies less space, unlike those big centrifugal juicers. It has an overall decent build quality making it long-lasting.

The motor works with a low sound, which is a good aspect of this juicer if you are going to use it every morning. The juice offers an easy cleanup process. All you have to do is push a button and rotate the auger housing assembly. It easily comes apart, and you clean the strainer with the help of a brush.

  • Occupies less space
  • Works soundlessly
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Amazing juice consistency
  • Leaves behind tiny pulp pieces
The juicer has a narrower feed chute for enhancing the performance of the auger. The smaller chute will have less chance of getting damaged. Since this is a masticating juicer, it requires your utmost patience. Often people fill up the wider chutes excessively and put pressure on it when it stops working. So it is better to have small feeding chutes when you are not in a hurry. This is an excellent juicer worth buying.


How to Choose Best Jigsaw for Leafy Greens – Bestesia Guide

You just can’t jump into the market, and pick a juicer for enjoying the perks of leafy greens. You need to be aware of all the factors and pointers, which make any juicer a perfect fit as per your needs. And to realize whether the juicer is worth the money you are paying for it or not.

In this way, you would save yourself from the brands and salesperson marketing gimmicks and would avoid your potential waste of money. 

Nothing to worry, if you are not well informed about these technicalities. In this blog post, we are going to reveal the factors, which we have used to find the best juicers for leafy greens. 

Here we go;

Factors to Consider before choosing the best juicer for leafy greens

There is not a single factor that can distinguish the best leafy green juicers from the sub-standard ones. You need to go through every single aspect that can make a difference, to end up with the right option. 

All of those aspects and factors, you need to be aware of, are the following;

  • Juicer Types

There are 2 most common types of juicer including, the Masticating juicer and the centrifugal juicer. Both are good at juicing natural produce. But when it comes to the leafy greens, the masticating juicer always gets the top spot. 

Because the centrifugal Juicer is designed in a way that its blades operate at the fastest speed possible, to separate the juice from the pulp. But this is not what we need for leafy greens. To get the most out of your leafy greens. You need to have a juicer that can extract the juice from produce instead of spinning out the juice from produce. 

And that’s exactly what the masticating juicer does. It operates slowly yet efficiently press out the entire juice from leafy greens. 

For sure, the centrifugal juicer is fast in performing tasks relative to the masticating juicer. But it fails to serve you with the best yet pleasant juicing experience. Hence, choosing the masticating juicer would be the right decision. 

  • Juicer Speed

We all used to be in haste, and always prefer to get things done quickly. But in the case of leafy greens, you need to be patient. Because this is a kind of produce, which needs a relatively long time to be broken down properly. 

For the leafy greens, the slower the juicer is, the more efficient the juicer will be. Your patience does not go to waste, as this slow procedure is the only way to keep the nutrients alive, and the enzymes. These are the core elements that hold the most of the advantages of the leafy greens.

 Moreover, the noiseless low operating juicer also provides you with the maximum yield that most people strive for. 

Considering this factor and the advantages associated with it, we would suggest you get the masticating juicer with the different speeding options, instead of finding a low RPM model. So that you can use it for other products as well, which demands a different speed of operation.  

  • Size

Before buying a juicer, you must ensure whether you have enough space for it or not. And that can be measured by checking out the dimension of the juicer.

Better to get the right dimensioned juicer. Otherwise, handling it, storing it, and cleaning it would be turned out into a real struggle for yourself. 

Other than checking out the overall dimension, you should also consider looking at the chute size. Because it can increase or decrease your preparation time. For instance, you get a juicer with a smaller chute, then you will always have to cut down the product into an adequate smaller size, before juicing it. 

  • Ease of cleaning

The cleaning process is the most hectic task for any juicer. Therefore, getting a juicer with an easy cleaning process would be the right decision. 

If you have decided to go with masticating juicers, then you don’t need to worry about cleanup. As they are slow operating. Hence produces less amount of pulp. You can easily wipe it out within no time. 

However, If you have any other type of juicer on your wishlist, then you should ensure either the components are dishwasher safe or not. Using a dishwasher can save a lot of your time and effort. And minding the assembling and disassembling process of the juicer should not be avoided as well. 

Moreover, the juicer with supportive accessories such as a cleaning brush is obviously the perfect model to have, for the ease of cleaning only. 

  • Built Quality

Stainless steel, plastic, and carbon components are commonly found in juicers on the market. You can choose any of them, the only thing to ensure is longevity. The juicer must be able to serve you for the longest possible time. 

However, among all of these materials, stainless steel is the one, which is more studier and long-lasting. But being exceptional, the price tag also goes higher. If you can afford to get a juicer with stainless steel. Then you should not look around for any other option.

Though, if you are on a budget, then choosing a juicer with plastic finishing would be good enough as well. In the case of plastic material, you just have to figure out whether it is BPA free or not. If it is, then you can go with it without any second thought.

  • Cost and Warranty 

You can get the juicer from the price range of 200$ to 1000$, all depends on the functionality, feature, reliability, and durability. You need to identify your budget first to start finding the perfect fit. 

Irrespective of the juicer’s price, the juicer should be giving you some kind of warranty. Because this is the only instrument to measure how well a brand trusts its own manufactured products. 

Moreover, it makes the buying decision risk free for yourself and also protects your decision. From 10-15 years, is the warranty that the well-known and well-performing masticating juicers offer. 

  • Certification

A juicer must not be built with sub-standard components. Otherwise, using it would be a direct threat to your life. Who knows, what kind of chemicals will be mixed up with your juice and cause some serious health problems. 

Better to get a juicer, which is certified. So that you can use it with peace of mind. Some of the certifications to look for are FDA, UL, and ETL.


Wrapping up of Best Jigsaw for Leafy Greens

It is essential to know the difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers when looking to buy one for green juice. Masticating juicers make use of an auger system that runs at a slow speed to squeeze out the juice. These cold press juicers are available in vertical and horizontal designs, and both work amazingly well. We have reviewed some of the best juicers for leafy greens, and our top three recommendations are given down below.

  • Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor has made it to the top because of its versatility and quality performance.
  • Hurom HP is a gorgeous appliance due to its compact design and easy operation.
  • Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press is another high-quality cold press that offers exceptional durability and amazing juice consistency.

We hope you found this article helpful. You can also do your research to help you make the best decision.