Best Juicer Under 100$ in 2021 – Top Picks & Buying Guide

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A hot summer day and a glass of chilled fresh juice go hand in hand. Well, if you are looking for Juicers that don’t go down hard on your pockets, here we go with the best juicers under 100$.

We all drink juices, either to lessen the summer heat, or to have healthy ingredients blended, or simply just because we crave for it. From getting a perfect juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables to blending in wholesome smoothies, having the right juicer is a must.

A reliable juicer can be a great addition to your kitchen appliances. Just imagine you can have a clean diet with a whole lot of healthy juices prepared with a juicer. Say bye-bye to the stored bought juices that go harsh on your health.

Now you can purchase an excellent affordable juicer to revitalize your gut health with fresh fruits and vegetable juices, not only that you can make several different recipes of delicious and nourishing smoothies for your kids and family.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Hamilton 67608A 

  • BPA free body
  • Extract the most out of food
  • Extra-large feeding mouth
Premium Choice
Mueller Austria Ultra

  • Easy to clean
  • Fast juicing
  • 1100 Watt Power
Great Value
Breville BJE200XL

  • High Performance
  • easy cleaning
  • Large food feeder


10 Best Juicers Under 100$

Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A 
  • BPA: BPA free body
  • Yield: Extract the most out of food
  • Feeding: Extra-large feeding mouth
  • Noise: makes noise
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Mueller Austria Ultra 1100W power Juicer
  • Clean:Easy to clean
  • Speed: Fast juicing
  • Noise: Noisy
  • Power: 1100 Watt Power
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Breville BJE200XL 700 Watt Juice Extractor
  • Performance: High Performance
  • Yield: can extract juice from the hardest food
  • Cleaning: easy cleaning
  • Feeder: Large food feeder
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Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Juicer
  • Usage: Easy usage
  • Speed: fast juicing
  • Cleaning: Easy cleaning
  • Built: Non-sturdy built
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Black+Decker CJ625 34oz Citrus Juicer
  • Usage: Extremely convenient usage
  • Sizes: Comes with two different sizes of cones
  • Yield: squeeze the most out of the fruit
  • Cleaning: Cleaning is a bit hard
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Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
  • BPA: BPA-free material
  • Clean: Easy to use and clean
  • Material: Strong material
  • Cons: Not a long-lasting product
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Vestaware Juicer extractor
  • Body: Sturdy body
  • BPA: BPA-free material
  • Operation: Easy operation
  • Clean: Easy cleaning
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Mooka B5100 Masticating Juicer
  • Heat: Less heat production
  • Noise: Less noisy
  • Oxidation: Minimal oxidation
  • Speed: Feature two speeds
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Hamilton Beach Juicer 67850 
  • Speed: Two adjustable speeds
  • Design: Beautiful design
  • Cons: Can get leaky sometimes
  • Pros: Enough tow contain 40 oz of juice
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NutriBullet NB9-1301PINK Pro 13
  • Flexible: Versatile
  • Clean: Convenient  cleaning
  • Power: Great blending power
  • Noise: Makes noise
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01. Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A- Best Juicer under 100$

Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A- Best Juicer under 100$

The first product from our list is the Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A Juicer Machine. Hamilton Beach is a well-esteemed brand, renowned for manufacturing quality products to meet the user’s standards. This fantastic juicer machine is worth buying and has many advantages, which makes it one of the best juicers under 100$.

The product is BPA-free, which is a harmful industrial chemical used in plastics that causes damages to your health. This juicer has a big chute that fits almost the whole fruit; the big mouth feeder saves you a lot of time by minimizing the prep time. Additionally, its lightweight renders smooth movement every time you mean to use it. It consists of a powerful motor that runs on high speed to juice quickly and effectively.

The powerful motor offers easy and effective juicing. Be it some hard food or just some greens; the ultimate Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A juicer will extract every ounce of goodness into your cup. Moreover, the large pulp separating container accommodates a significant amount of flesh, so you do not have to clean it now and then.

In addition to all that, this excellent juicer runs on an 800 W power, which means more juice with high efficiency in less time. Also, it takes very little time for prepping as the mouthing feeder of this juicer is large enough to accommodate big fruits and veggies without cutting.

  • BPA-free body
  • Extract the most out of food
  • Extra-large feeding mouth
  • unstable due to lightweight
  • Makes noise
Have a great experience using the ultimate Hamilton Beach Pro 67608A Juicer Machine. Prepare a wide range of juices in almost no time with this juicer with all the proper nutrients in them. This product is going to be your best bet if you are seeking a lightweight, high-performance juicer.


02. Mueller Austria Ultra 1100W Power – Best Centrifugal Juicer for $100

Mueller Austria Ultra 1100W Power - Best Centrifugal Juicer for $100

Next in line is this beautiful Mueller Austria Centrifugal Juicer Ultra 1100W Power machine. This juicer under 100$ is powerful enough to extract every bit of juice out of the fruit. It’s designed in a way to be useful for both vegetables, fruits alike and will show no mercy in crushing any firm fruit or vegetable.

The usage is quite simple after washing the desired fruit and vegetable, peel its skin off (if required), cut it in size so that it can get past the inlet, which is about 3 inches wide. You can regulate the speed of the juicer and can get upto 1800 RPM if required.

The machine has a far higher efficiency of juice extraction along with little time requirement. The quality of the juicer is premium and will stay in service for a very long time.

  • Easy to clean
  • fast juicing
  • noisy
This great juicing machine is going to be your best shot, considering the price tag. This juicer can bring down all the juice from your fruits in a matter of seconds that too, with all the nutritional value intact.


03. Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Juice Extractor – Best Juicer under 100 dollars

Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Juice Extractor - Best Juicer under 100 dollars

The powerfully built juicer has all the features making it long-lasting and suitable for heavy-duty crushing of fruit and vegetable alike. It has a 700 Watt power motor taking it to a maximum speed of 1400rpm, and its sharp and robust cutting discs made with titanium makes any job smooth and fast.

It also has the safety features of a locking arm. The juicer has a 3-inch long feeding inlet, which slides the slices to the cutting blades that have mesh filters all around its edges, which increases juice extraction and nutrients at the same time. The juicer parts are straightforward to clean.

The only negative is a bit of a design flaw that you can’t fill its container, which will result in a spill. Apart from that, it has a large pulp container and also a froth separator.

  • High performance
  • Can extract juice from the hardest food
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large food feeder
  • It is noisy
This ultimate machine will turn your hardest fruit or veggies into fine smoothies in no time. Have all the healthy and palatable juices and smoothies in a short time with Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer.


04. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar – Juicer under 100

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar - Juicer under 100

First up, it gives you an impression of a manual juicer, but in fact, it has a small 50 Watt motor. This juicer will only need your gentle press and juice will drip down the teams through to your container placed at the outlet.

It is effortless to operate juicer and does not require much hassle if you are even using it for the first time. Another plus point of this juicer is that the body of this product is food grade and FDA approved, thus safe to use. Also, the motor runs on as slow RPM as 80, which means that they are noiseless, and it is safe to say that they produce and transfer less heat.

The chances of juicer getting jammed are real slim due to the presence of a fine screen. It is clogged free, owing to its excellent design having stainless steel spout material. Additionally, this product is simple when it comes to cleaning.

  • Easy usage
  • Fast juicing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-sturdy built
This simple yet high performance juicing machine is worth giving a try. Taking juice out of your citrus fruits will never be as easy as with this juicing machine.


05. BLACK+DECKER CJ625 34oz – Top Juicer Under 100$

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 34oz - Top Juicer Under 100$

Another Citrus juicer comes from Black & Decker. The juicer comes with a 30-watt motor. Your gentle press from the top will drain all the juice to the container. The juicer also has auto-reversing action that will take the maximum juice extracted out of the fruit.

It’s a small and a handy product with the pitcher having a capacity of 34 ounces. The pulp remains as a residue in the top filter, making it available for another recipe, or you may discard it. The juice container has all the standard measurements labeled clearly on it.

So if required, you may add the appropriate portion of juice needed straight to your recipe from here. The spout on the container has an elegant design making it serve as a pitcher minimizing the risk of a spill. The juicer is easy to set up, use, and dismantle cleaning it for next time usage isn’t hectic at all. These features, along with the low price tag, make it a must-have for citrus juice lovers.

  • Extremely convenient usage
  • Comes with two different sizes of cones
  • Squeeze the most out of the fruit
  • Cleaning is a bit hard
Overall this easy citrus user is worth your money as it does not require a sophisticated operation. You can just take out your fruit and have it squeezed through it in no time.


06. Aicok – Best Masticating Juicer under 100$

Aicok - Best Masticating Juicer under 100$

Refresh yourself with healthy, delicious juices produced by Aicok slow masticating juicer. This juicer is everyone’s favorite due to its noiselessness. This fantastic juicer has BPA-free material preventing you from ingesting any harmful chemicals.

This versatile juicer will extract juice from all types of fruits and vegetables. The highlight of this product is its low Revolution Per Minute operation that is only 80 RPM. This low RPM enables the juicer to extract every bit of juice along with beneficial nutrients into your glass.

In addition to that, this outstanding juicer produces only 60db of sound that makes it a lot quieter. The durable filters present in this machine will provide a smooth and clean juice. More positive aspects of this juicer include its easy assembly.

Users find it super convenient to use and assemble. It also comes with a safety lock that provides more protection when not in use. Further, this product is extremely easy to clean. The company offers you with a brush for its cleaning, etc.

  • BPA-free material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong material
  • Not a long-lasting product
This slow masticating juicer will offer a great addition to your kitchen appliances and some more convenient juicing. This juicer provides a versatile juicing with a juice packed with high nutrients. This juicer indeed is a good purchase.


07. Vestaware Extractor – Best Under 100$ Juicer

Vestaware Extractor - Best Under 100$ Juicer

This fantastic juicer machine by Vestware steals the show with its five different adjustable modes. This juicer is versatile as it extracts juice from hard fruits and veggies to soft ones. This juicer can obtain the most juice out of your desired food.

It has adjustable modes which can be changed according to the softness and hardness of the fruit or veggies. This juicer is extremely easy to use as it does not require sophisticated installation. Your juice extraction is just a one button press away.

Its motor runs on 150W power, which means its a slow juicer which will give you more juice high on vitamins and other nutrients. Additionally, the juicer uses cold-pressed technology, so your juice is going to be heat-free.

Another fantastic thing about this product is that it stops every 15 minutes while operating owing to intelligent protection chip technology that prevents it from any damages. It is super easy to clean, makes less noise, as low as only 60db, and has a non-trickle body that makes it very user friendly.

  • Sturdy body
  • BPA-free material, FDA approved
  • Easy operation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Less noisy
  • Has a small filter
Have a great juicing experience with this versatile juicer by Vestware. Have a glass of nutritious juice at any time of the day with this amazing juicer in just under 100 dollars.


8. Mooka B5100 – Best Juicer under $100

Mooka B5100 - Best Juicer under $100

This stylish juicer known as Mooka B5100 Masticating Juicer is one of its kind. This juicer has a high performance and extracts juices packed with maximum nutrients. This juicer does not make that irritating noise as it only produces 60db of sound and is quite convenient to use.

It comes with two speeds, which allow faster as well as slower juicing depending upon the type of food. Further, the disassembly of this juicing machine is simple; thus, its cleaning is not at all hard. It allows minimal oxidation and less heat production.

This juicing machine helps in preventing any damages to the nutrients present in the juice. In addition to that, this juicer is a masticating one due to which it yields more juice. It has a reverse action motor, which renders the maximum amount of juice extraction. Moreover, the material of this juicer is sturdy and BPA-free, which means you can have a purer and free of harmful chemical juice.

  • Less heat production
  • Less noisy
  • Minimal oxidation
  • Feature two speeds
  • It can get clogged sometimes
Overall this is a very convenient and budget-friendly juicing machine for your household. You can juice a variety of fruits and vegetables with this amazing juicer at your disposal.


09. Hamilton Beach Juicer 67850

Hamilton Beach Juicer 67850

Another masterpiece by Hamilton Beach is their 67850 model. This juicer uses 850 W power and produces juices in seconds in the comfort of your own home. It has two adjustable speeds that can adjust according to the hardness and softness of the desired food.

It uses less prep time as it comes with a large 3-inch feeding chute that adjusts a whole fruit or vegetable without much cutting. This product uses BPA free material so that you do not have to worry about harmful substances getting into your juices.

Moreover, the juice collector is big enough to contain 40oz of juice. Additionally, the cleaning of this juicing machine is effortless, and the company provides you with a cleaning apparatus that ensures there isn’t any food residue left in the filter.

  • Two adjustable speeds
  • Beautiful design
  • Can get leaky sometimes
Be it a big hard apple, a squishy orange or soft leafy greens, enjoy delicious and healthy juices in a matter of a few seconds with Hamilton Beach 67850. This budget-friendly juicer is nothing less than a luxury to own.


10. NutriBullet NB9-1301PINK Pro 13

NutriBullet NB9-1301PINK Pro 13

This ultra-compact NutriBullet NB9-1301PINK Pro works like none other. The machine uses 900W power that renders ultra-fast juicing. This versatile juicer does blend not only your fruits and vegetables but also hard nuts. The sharp and sturdy blades inside the juicer render smooth juice even of your hardest fruits and nuts.

The blades are made up of stainless steel and are rust-free and spin with such power to turn your veggies, fruits, and nuts into very fine-textured smoothies and juices. It is super easy to clean and with a container that can adjust 32oz of liquid. All you have to do is dissemble and rinse with dishwashing soap. This juicing machine also comes with additional accessories.

  • Versatile
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Great blending power
  • Makes noise
This ultra-fast and compact blender are very useful and easy to use. Enjoy your protein shakes and other juices in no time with this ultimate NutriBullet NB9-1301PINK Pro, which is worth your money.


Guide to Pick Best Juicers Under 100$

Getting your hands on the best and affordable juicers are quite a challenge, especially when there are money hoarders out there. We want your money to go on the right product that has all your desired specifications.

This buying guide will help you understand and find the best juicer under 100$ in the market. This buyer’s guide will also ensure your hard-earned money goes on the right product.

There are few things to contemplate on before buying a juicer, those are;

Budget is most Important

The first and foremost thing to look for while opting for a juicer is your budget. It is essential to take into consideration your affordability criteria. If you want your juicers to effectively take out all the juice from your fruits or vegetables, then you need not spend extra dollars on expensive ones.

An excellent cheap juicer can fulfill all the requirements. However, if you do not have a tight budget, then you can go for some pricey juicers. The higher-end juicers will have more specifications than the cheap ones.

Juice Preparing Time

A good juicer is determined by how quickly and efficiently it prepares the juice for you. A capable juicer will squeeze every ounce of juice and every nutrient from your fruit or veggies faster and efficiently.

Quality and Pulp Separator

Not only the quality of the juicer matter but also that of the juice you are producing. While buying a juicer, make sure it can squeeze every bit of nutrients. If you are a person who likes a very bit of goodness from fruits and veggies into your cup, then you should consider buying one that doesn’t separate pulp.

Some juicers come without a pulp separating system hence giving you rich puppy juices. However, some people like clear pulp-free juices. We recommend they should go for juicers that separate the pulp from the juice. Some juicers have the function of controlling the amount of fruit pulp in your juice. It allows some of the fruit or vegetable pulp to go in your juice while separating the rest of it so you can enjoy a hint of fruit flesh in your juices.

Weight and Size of the Juicer

This era is an era of minimalism, and a lot of people like appliances with uncomplicated designs. Lightweight, easy to use and compact juicers are preferable among users. If you have a low storage space, then going for a lightweight and compact juicer will be a great idea.

Moreover, an electric juicer does not need relocation now and then as you initially fix it with a switchboard. You may overlook the weight of an electric juicer. However, manual juicer needs moving every time you take it out for use. So, if you are planning on buying a manual juicer, then you need to make sure it’s compact and lightweight.

Cleaning and Noisiness

The biggest concern of using any kitchen appliance is its cleaning. Unclean food appliances can mess up your health, causing various diseases. Easy cleaning of the kitchen appliances is one of the top priorities of the user. While buying a juicer, make sure you can scrub away each bit of food stuck in it.

Ensure that you can have a fuss-free and easy cleaning of your juicer. Apart from that, juicers that make noise are very irritating. It’s very unsettling to listen to the harsh sound of the juicer after long working hours while making juice for yourself. So, we recommend you look for juicers that are less noisy and comfortable to work. Among the juicers, masticating juicers are most convenient to clean than others.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Which juicer under 100$ is the easiest to clean?

A masticating juicer has the most convenient cleaning as compared to others. The reason for that is, it is a slow juicer and produces a minimal amount of big pulp. This makes it easy to scrub away the pulp, and almost all the food remains.

Are masticating juicers under 100$ better?

A masticating juicer has its perks. These juicers yield more juice and nutrients by slowly separating every nutrient from the pulp into your glass. They might be slow, but the juice they render is highly nourishing.

What is the difference between a juicer and a slow juicer?

A centrifugal juicer is a speedy juicer that runs on a centrifugal force. They separate the juice and spins it in the juicer to strain the juice through the filter. On the other hand, slow juicers are the masticating juicers that run on a grinding and chewing principle to separate the juice from the fruit or veggies.

Conclusion of Best Juicer Under 100$

To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that you need good investment into juicers to have amazing juicing machines. There is plenty of juicers out there in the market or online that serve their purpose. This article contains a list of 10 best affordable juicers. With these low budget juicers, you can have a pleasant experience with delicious and healthy juicing. Among these are top recommendations are

This article may serve an authentic source for you to find the best suitable juicer for you. The list-based juicers with their specifications, their pros and cons will help you understand the operation of juicers. You will now find it easy to buy the appropriate juicing machine for your kitchen in a low budget.