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Drinking celery has proved to contain tons of health benefits but to extract the maximum amount of advantages, surely you need an efficient best masticating juicer for celery.

For the last decade or two, green juices have been in trend for good well-being. They are sold as commercial and can also be prepared at home. Taking the right amount of green juice daily does wonders for your body.

Celery juice is not something you haven’t heard of before. It has become very popular with daily lifestyle and with diet plans as well. Giving out numerous benefits to your skin and digestive tract, it prevents serious illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases or getting cancer risk.

In the above passage we have shed light on celery benefits, types of juicers best fit for celery specifically, in the later part we have picked up the top 10 best masticating juicers for celery and in the end, awaits an informative buying guide and some of our top recommendation. This article is will provide you immense knowledge and also help in your best juicer hunt.

Type of juicer best for celery

Making celery juice is not as difficult as finding the best juicer for it. There are juicers and blender spread everywhere in the market but the haunt for the right one requires loads of research. Celery juice can be obtained from two types of juicers.

  • Centrifugal: the pulp could not be separated from juice earlier as it chopped the whole product together.
  • Masticating: slow juicers that are do not chop but either squeeze and crush the product giving pulp and juice separately.

The best juicer for celery would be masticating juicers because they are slow, separate pulp which can’t be consumed as green juices are a little bitter in taste. Also, slow juicers retain the nutritional value of juices and allow them to stay for a maximum of three days without degrading.

There are other considerations as well for picking the best celery juicer at the end of the article.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Omega MM900

  • Specialized in celery juice
  • Slow extraction retains nutrients in the juice
  • Dishwasher safe
Premium Choice

Omega NC900

  • Its versatility is more convincing
  • Slow motor speed does not heat the juice
  • Build-in handle helps in handling more tightly
Great Value

Tribest GSE

  • Powerful performer
  • Three different purpose screens
  • Operates very quietly

10 Best masticating juicers for celery in 2021

Omega MM900HDC
(Expert's Choice)
Specialized in celery juice200 Watts Check Price
Omega NC900HDC
Slow motor speed150 Watts Check Price
Tribest GSE-5050
(Best Juicer)
Powerful performer110 RPM Check Price
Aicok Slow
Well-built 80 RPM Check Price
Aobosi Slow
(Slow Juicer)
PBA-free150 Watts Check Price
Produce rich nutritious80 RPM Check Price
Omega VRT350
(Slow Masticating)
Do not make a noise80 RPM Check Price
Tribest SW-2020
Hold small footprint
200 Watts Check Price
Homeover Slow
(Masticating Juicer)
20% more yield
150 Watts Check Price
Omega VSJ843QR
Cold press juice
43 RPM Check Price

01. Omega MM900HDC – Best Masticating Juicer for Celery

Omega MM900HDC - Best Masticating Juicer for Celery

The Omega MM900HDC Masticating Juicer has ranked our top position due to its premium features and looks. It is solid as a tank, gives you this sturdy feel by looking and touching. A classical horizontal style appliance with a moderate height so as not to occupy all of the room. The rubber feet prevent from getting scratches either on your counter or at the machine.

It has exclusively dual-stage mastication to provide maximum juice with the minimum amount which means you are going to have more juice yield. The specialized end cap is designed to process celery juice only but allows other juices to be extracted with a standard cap.

Another great feature for this celery juicer is, as its a cold press slow juicer that means it takes time to extract with a speed of only 80RPM’s, but that benefits us in the way that the juice won’t heat and retains all the nutrients and vitamins which can be lost due to heat.

Cold juice access is one of the best ways to get nutritious and minerals to boost your health.

As long as its performance is concerned, so this piece is strongly built, having stainless steel blades, 2HP motor which provides a quality and tasty outcome with a higher yield. A specialized end cap for celery and a standard one for other options with 3 pressure settings you can apply on each.

The assemblage is as easy as its cleaning. It will take a few minutes to assemble the whole body with given instructions and every part is easily cleaned by removing. All parts are made dishwasher safe plus as a bonus, they possess 15 years warranty.

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Silver and black color
  • 80RPM, 20HP Motor
  • Horizontal structure
  • 15 years warranty
  • Specialized in celery juice
  • Slow extraction retains nutrients in the juice.
  • External pulp ejection makes cleaning easy.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Offers high juice yield.
  • Minimum noise in operation.
  • Exclusive for making juices only.
  • Slow extraction consumes more time.
  • Narrow chute opening.


02. Omega NC900HDC – Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery

Omega NC900HDC - Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery

When people worry more about health than juicers. That’s where manufacturers aim to provide their best to lessen the concern regarding juicers., For this reason, masticating-styled juicers are more recommended because they extract juice from every last inch and bit.

So, if you are planning for a new addition in your kitchen then there is another OMEGA model that is more versatile and more featured. The OMEGA NC900HDC which has raised the competition higher for other horizontal masticating juicers.

It is no doubt that this piece is added for the versatility it offers not only in juices, but it can also act as a nuts grinder, herb dicer, or baby food masher.

With its 2HP motor, you will always get a flavorful and nutritious product that won’t need any further modifications. The slow speed will retain the coldness, unlike other fast juicers that work in seconds and heat the extract thus destroying their vitamins.

It has an adjustable end cap carrying 5 different settings allowing you to have a higher yield with an automatic outside pulp ejection. Overall, it is powerful and strongly built, with a chrome metallic finish.

Last but not least, we will add that the price is slightly high, more than many other models available in the market, but that surely is not a deal-breaker keeping in mind the reliability and the health benefits. Plus, long-lasting 15 years of warranty is also available.

  • Slow masticating juicer
  • 5 pressure settings
  • Chrome finish
  • Plastic body
  • 15 years warranty
  • Its versatility is more convincing.
  • Slow motor speed does not heat the juice.
  • Build-in handle helps in handling more tightly.
  • High juice yield without rotting its minerals.
  • It takes time to extract and to clean as well.
  • More expensive than other models available.
  • Needs care and maintenance due to chrome finish.


03. Tribest GSE-5050 Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

Tribest GSE-5050 Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

Have you ever thought what kind of wonders a single glass of green juice can add to your morning start? Green juices are not only health boosters but also make you an active and energetic whole day and that’s mainly because a single glass of juice can have more nutrients than you can put in a salad.

The fact that how much you enjoy the juice preparing process or how much yield you have got and mostly how much rich it is in minerals and antioxidants primarily depends on the type of juicer you utilize.

A juicer needs to be efficient enough to extract juice from green leafy vegetables or soft fruits. For this purpose, we have added the Tribest GSE-5050 to the list of our best masticating juicers for celery because these are known as the best in the market.

The Tribest GSE-5050 Masticating Juicer is the only one having an advanced jumbo twin gear set and possesses three juicing processes namely pressing, crushing, and mixing.  These gears are not blades, as most of the juicers have but simply press the fruit or vegetable hard on every end proving you with the highest yield you can never have with any other juicer in comparison.

Although, having a large footprint yet its streamlined appearance looks well on the counter. With very few parts to assemble, it is easy to connect and easy to clean. By removing the safety hood, you will directly have an inner encounter with all parts.

It comes with three screenings performing different functions of clean extract, pulpy extract, and simple fruit puree. A plastic plunger to press the juice product inside is all along with this machine. It also has gear for easy portability with 12 years of warranty.

  • Chrome finish
  • Horizontal structure
  • 3 screens
  • Multifunctional
  • Twin gear technology
  • 12 years warranty
  • Powerful performer.
  • Three different purpose screens.
  • Operates very quietly.
  • Comes with accessories.
  • Three staged juicing processes make it multifunctional.
  • It consumes space.
  • A bit physically demanding as to require plunger.
  • Expensive as well.
  • Heavy


04. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is no less than Omega or Champion in style it is very similar to them. However, the difference comes in terms of price where this piece is much cheaper than others. So, if you are getting the desired benefits then why not check the cheaper one. Overall, keeping in mind your budget.

As the name suggests, it is also a slow juicer and a masticator as well which means it won’t grind or crush your fruits or vegetables but simply press them and squeeze them enough to get every drop in here while slow juicing won’t harm the juice quality as well.

By looking for first it will come to know as very tricky especially if you have not used such kind of juicer, having lots of parts to assemble but they are very easy to attach. It has two separate pitchers one for the extract and the other for pulp ejection and a filter inside to provide clear and clean juice.

With that, it also has an extra filter in the box, a plastic plunger to press the veggies inside. The chute is covered with a tray like thing which can hold your fruits and veggies instead of spreading all over on the counter. Also, there is a reverse button on the back which is used when the fruits get jammed, so it kind of reverses the grinder metallic piece to fix it.

  • 80RPM
  • < 60 decibels sound
  • Detachable parts
  • Extra filter, plunger, and cleaning brush
  • 3 years of quality assurance
  • It is very easy to clean than many others.
  • Assemblage and detaching are quick.
  • As a slow juicer, it provides high-quality juice, full of flavor, and more in quantity.
  • Well-built for the price.
  • Does not consume much space.
  • Small chute opening increase preparation time.
  • The presser hits the propeller.


05. Aobosi – Best Celery Masticating Juicer

Aobosi - Best Celery Masticating Juicer

Fresh juices always help to boost our immunity system either is a green juice having minerals and vitamins of spinach, celery, and broccoli or it could be of some fruit as well. There can’t be any debate on that but there could be a discussion over the juicer determined to provide these.

The Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer is similar to all other horizontal juicers if you have tried one, particularly in the assemblage. With all the parts detached when it arrived, it requires only 5 minutes to assemble the machine to serve your first extract.

As a cold slow juicer, it retains the quality of juice well preserved and even it can be used after a day or two if properly stored. Cold juicers are considered much efficient for green juices but with this one, you can enjoy fruits as well.

Comparing with other horizontal juicers, it is more compact. Comes with all accessories offers by others including two cups and a presser. The chute opening is small, however, so the things have to be cut into small pieces to pass through.

Offering three simple settings, a safety lock, and two years warranty it provides high-quality juice in the most affordable range.

  • 50 RPM motor
  • PBA free plastic
  • External pulp ejection
  • 72 hours shelf life
  • 2 years warranty
  • PBA-free plastic relieves the stress of getting toxic.
  • Dishwasher safe parts make easy cleaning.
  • Most affordable juicer.
  • High yield
  • Consumes less footprint.
  • Does not offer extra juice processing functions.
  • Consumes time
  • Small feeding space.
  • Not well supportive of soft fruits.


06. KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

Koios is another horizontal slow masticating juicer which does not give more option like OMEGA and others but in case of juice extraction, it is no less. Also, it is much cheaper than Omega and Champion juicers so it could be of good use when all we want is some fresh juice.

The KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer comes with all accessories like others but has one extra part which is a separator sleeve which none of the juicers accompanied till now. The separator sleeve put in the corner of the juicing pot to prevent the foam from coming while pouring in the glass.

All other parts are the same as the hopper tray, juicing pot, pulp collector, a thick and hard plastic auger, pulp strainer, and food plunger. The auger is placed in a plastic casing enclosed with a cap. When you want to open it twist the cap a bit and remove parts easily. Else there is a manual with complete instructions.

The Koios Masticator has four buttons on the motor indicating power, hard, soft, and reverse which means it can juice soft fruits as well. In soft we mean it is suitable for less dense fruits not for bananas and berries. The reverse button unclogs the fruits if struck. For green juices, it is an excellent choice.

Due to slow processing, the juice is far away from getting oxidized and the plastic parts involved in the juice extracting process are all PBA free. All removable parts are dishwasher safe with 3 years warranty and motor claims 10 years warranty.

  • 80 RPM
  • 150 Watt
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Warranty: 3 years on parts, 10 years on motor
  • It has an appealing color unlike traditional chrome metallic.
  • Does not make much noise.
  • Produce rich nutritious and flavored yield.
  • Does not let the juice oxidized.
  • In budget.
  • Not efficient for soft mushy fruits.
  • Comes with a single screen.
  • No handle to pick up.


07. Omega VRT350  – Best Vertical Masticating Juicer for Celery

Omega VRT350  - Best Vertical Masticating Juicer for Celery

Omega is performing best in kitchen appliances and there is no doubt that half of the worries gone with its trustworthy name but still there are many models even in OMEGA which need to be searched thoroughly to pick the right one which fulfills your requirements well.

Now, this model is different from previous ones by the fact that it is vertical and simple to operate. No extra squabble purely juicing that yields more flavor. So, the OMEGA VRT350 Vertical Juicer is a single gear masticating juicer although there are two geared as well which you can check out, they consume more space.

These benefits are because it’s vertical, consuming just 7’’ space and 14’’ in height. It has a bowl to place on the motor and a little twist so that it gets locked in its position.

The OMEGA VERT 350 comes with two filters that differ in screening. One has a very fine screen to give clear juice and the other one provides little pulpy juice with its much coarser screen. It also has a cleaning brush to clear these filters from the pulp.

A plastic bulgy auger to chew everything you put into. Another fact which we haven’t seen yet in others is that it has dual-stage mastication. At first, it crushes the vegetables, and then the pulp is also get squeezed before ejecting out. This ensures a very high yield of juice you can have from this juicer.

After assembling the juicer, it is all ready to juice which you can collect in the given jar and pulp ejection on the other one. Just put the hopper on top and plunge the fruits or vegetables of your recipe. The hopper contains a pretty good sized opening which does not require fine cutting.

Walking in the footsteps of its family, this juicer has a slow 80RPM motor which does not make foam on the surface and also retains the quality up to 72 hours without getting degraded. It means even after two days your juice is still healthy to consume.

  • Silver color
  • Stainless steel body
  • 80 RPM
  • Single gear
  • 18 pounds
  • Refrain the juice from getting oxidized.
  • Do not make a noise.
  • Compact
  • Dual mastication makes a high yield.
  • Do not make foam due to slow processing
  • Some people find it difficult to clean.
  • Clogs often.


08. Tribest SW-2020 Slow Vertical Juicer

Tribest SW-2020 Slow Vertical Juicer

The Tribest SW-2020 Slowstar, Vertical Slow Juice is another version of SW-2000 with the only difference of color. This is a 2-in-1 machine that offers juice and mincing together giving both the joys of fresh juices and a coffee grinder.

Coming up with all the juicer attachments with the addition of a mincer is something you can definitely pay for. Also, we would like to clarify that some websites have written SW-2000B which confuses people by suspicion of another model which is not. The ‘B’ is not a model number but referring the plug type.

So, the Tribest SW-2020 Slow Vertical Juicer is the same as the original 2000 just differing from the base with a nice silver and black combination. Inspecting parts one by one we came to find that the auger has Ultem dual blades 8x harder, which means it cuts the product twice and squishes it thoroughly while mostly vertical juicers carry only one blade.

A little up-gradation in the bowl is that it has a cap on the juice opening to prevent any leakage while switching jars. The cap is detachable and also beneficial for cleaning purposes as you can fill the bowl with water by cap closed as a pre-rinse treatment to screen.

The mincing attachment has made this appliance a multipurpose tool, allowing you to make your other recipes besides juicing only. The motor runs at 47 rpm and 3 staged gear reduction reduces clogging which is the basic problem of vertical juicers.

  • Dual blades
  • 47 rpm
  • 200 watts motor
  • Gear reduction
  • Mincer attachment
  • 10 years warranty
  • Hold small footprint
  • Mincer attachment makes it more versatile.
  • Cap attachment makes it less messy and reduces spills.
  • Narrow feeding tube opening.
  • Pricy.
  • Pulp buildup issue.


09. Homeover – Best Masticating Juicer

Homeover - Best Masticating Juicer

For juice lovers, there is a new treat in town which is super affordable as compared to other expensive brands and efficient as well so we could not resist putting this in our best masticating juicers review.

Not only powerful in appearance and body, but it is also a quiet runner, slow masticator with 80 rpm, and 150 watts energy consumer. With a clearly instructed manual, it is much easy to assemble and break off.

Nine detached segments and all cleanable through the dishwasher and a cleaning brush that accompany the package. Homeover offers a 1-month free trial for their customers which is amazing because it is already very less pricy.

  • 80 rpm
  • 150 watts
  • <60 decibels
  • 90% more nutrition
  • 1-month free trial
  • BPA free
  • 20% more yield
  • Easy to connect and break off.
  • Extremely quiet
  • Less weight
  • Large-sized
  • Lots of parts


10. Omega VSJ843QR – Best Juicer for Celery

Omega VSJ843QR - Best Juicer for Celery

As it is evident that Omega is best known for kitchen appliances, this time, they have come up with one of the best Celery juicers for smooth and easy working. This juicer is surely going to ease the process of making juice.

The best thing about Omega VSJ843 QR is that it is very easy to assemble. Mostly, it is observed that customers find it very hard to assemble the parts of the juicer because of the off shape and complicated joints.

Here, you are saved from this hassle. Furthermore, this vertical machine is not going to occupy space on your kitchen counter. The best feature of this juicer is the speed. It is not crazy fast. Yes. With a speed of 43 revolutions per minute, this juicer with its moderate it keeps the healthy enzymes working.

This feature also maintains the temperature because high-speed juicers increase the heat and kill the enzymes, thereby, decreasing the nutritional content of the juice. Moreover, the reduced speed and maintained temperature increase the shelf life of the juice.

Cold press juicing, present in the VSJ843QR, is undoubtedly the most demanded feature out there. As these juicers have no blades, they maintain the health and nutritional content.

Coming with a 15-years warranty, Omega VSJ843QR is among the best celery juicers available in the market these days.

  • Dual edge auger
  • Vertical design
  • 43 rpm
  • Juice cap
  • 15 years warranty
  • Cold press juice
  • Less space occupation
  • 15-years warranty
  • Moderate speed (43 rpm)
  • Expensive
  • Gets clogged frequently
  • Compare to other vertical juicers, it is a little bulky.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Masticating Juicer for Celery

Drinking celery juice daily is not only part of the diet but also consumed due to its wide-ranging benefits. Due to powerful antioxidant properties, it has claimed to decrease the chance of having cancer. Owing to a lot of health benefits it has vital importance and that’s why it has special juicers to provide you with rich-quality celery juice.

The main points that every buyer looks at before buying is how much yield one gets and how high is the quality? But these two are not enough to get the perfect match as it has many other things to look at. Finding a good juicer is not as easy but considering these factors below we hope you get your money invested on the right one.

  • Quality

Talking about quality here we are referring to both the quality of the appliance and the juice. As we are taking juice for our health so it should be of rich quality so as the juicer who is making. The high-quality machine goes longer and it’s better to spend one-time money, then buying after every 4-6 months.

As long as the juice quality is concerned, it would be beneficial to consider that juicer who assures to retain juice quality well. Some juicers provide juice in seconds but for better extraction, waiting for a little is worth it. Quick juicers heat up the juice which damages the juice quality and many minerals and vitamins lost due to unfavorable temperature.

  • Yield

After quality, one should take notes on the volume for getting what you paid for? After reviewing a lot of products, we have concluded that slow masticating juicers are good at giving high volume as they crush the fruit or vegetable from every bit and corner to have the last drop.

  • Motor

The significance of motor power is no less as it is the one determining the effectiveness of the juicer. Around 200 watts motor is considered enough for a good performance, and, also would not increase your electric bills.

  • Speed

Slow juicers produce high-quality juices than quicker ones. Although they take more time than usual but do not harm the juice composition which is the actual reason to buy the product. 80 RPM speed is ideal for juicers.

  • Style, size, and weight

There are two types of juicers present, horizontal and vertical. We have discussed both their pros and cons. Horizontal juicers hold more room than verticals.

Size is also something to look for because heavy juicers are not favored if compact and easy portable ones are around.

  • Usage

With electric appliances, one always looks to those who are easy to use, and It does not seem wrong. Appliances that are easy to assemble and detached are more favorites than those who take half of your time in preparation.

As for masticating juicers, they have a very simple function to perform that is juicing only. As there are essential features available on the one, do not look for too many further frills to make your process difficult.

  • Noise level

Juicers had to be less noisy because many people prefer celery juice or other juices in odd hours. As noise can be acceptable only when you are living alone and have tolerance for it. You may not want to compromise on your diet plan or health just because someone might get disturbed.

  • Single or Twin Gear

Masticating juicers comes either with a single auger or double gear. Both perform the same function of crushing the food and pressing it against the screen to get the extract. Twin gear gives the impression of getting extra yield due to its two rolling augers which seems to take every last drop from the product, but this extra comes with a price tag as well. Twin gear juicers charge more than single ones.

  • Horizontal Vs Vertical

For celery juice, it would be more favorable if you pick a horizontal styled juicer than a vertical. Although verticals are compact and low weight with celery there is a chance of more clogging in verticals due to their small pulp ejection and celery strands are long and tough.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning a juicer is a real mess because you have to clean every removable part so try to look for those having fewer parts and safe for the dishwasher. It will make cleaning easier. Also, many offer cleaning brushes with them.

  • Warranty

We highly recommend not buying those who do not come with a warranty. Always check for a warranty when you are buying because you can claim back if it gets defective. The higher the warranty period, the higher the product life span.


For clean and clear juices, mastication juicers are ideal, especially for green juices. There are very few fruits who are liked with pulp but always chose the one who goes with the majority of options.

Mastication juicers are not only quiet in working but good at producing maximum yield. They work slowly which may be offensive but as long as retaining nutritional value no one can beat them. This article is wrapped with best masticating juicers for celery reviews without getting biased, we have put all real opinions with facts.

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