10 Best Rice Cookers for Basmati Rice in 2021 – Bestesia Reviews & Guide

by lisa | Last Updated: December 17th, 2020 at 5:42 pm

Best Rice Cooker for Basmati Rice (1)Cooking the basmati rice, originated from Himalaya is no more a struggle for anyone. Getting the best rice cooker for basmati rice, offering multiple rice texture settings is the way to go. 

You would find multiple brands offering you the same feature, letting you cook the great tasting rice every single time without an effort and knowing much about cooking.

The only obstacle you would be afraid of is all about selecting a cooker from the plethora of options. No doubt, this overwhelming process sometimes makes you stuck in frustration and ultimately causes a waste of time and money.

But you are lucky enough to be landed on this blog post, as here we have already done thorough research and top-picked the 10 best rice cookers for basmati rice. Choosing any of them would be the perfect decision.

Though, each of them has its own features and differ in some of the areas. Better to go through the reviews of each rice cooker. So, you can end up getting the best yet more suitable one for yourself. 

So, let’s get into the reviews to find one as per your need.

Our Top Picks

Best Overal
Aroma Housewares

  • Durable construction and coating
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Ease of cleaning
Premium Choice
Dash DRCM200BK

  • Lighter weight portable cooker
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Cook the rice within 20 minutes
Great Value
Hamilton Beach

  • Versatile in nature
  • Faster than many top cookers
  • A perfect balance between price and features


Best Rice Cooker for Basmati Rice

Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB
(Best Versatile)
Slow Cook, Steam8 cups Check Price
Dash DRCM200BK
(Best Entry-level)
200 Watts2 cups Check Price
Dash DRCM200BK
(Best Compact)
450 Watts8 cups Check Price
(under 200)
680 Watts1 liters Check Price
Hamilton Beach
(Digital Programmable)
2 in 1 basket8 cups Check Price
Aroma ARC-743-1NG
(Best Budget)
Steam Technology6 cups Check Price
(Best for preparing food shortly)
500 Watts6 cups Check Price
Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB
(Best Digital)
User-friendly Programming 20 cups Check Price
(Best induction heating)
1350 Watts1.8 Liters Check Price
Cuisinart CRC-400
(Rice Cooker)
Square modern shape4 cups Check Price

01# Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB – Best Versatile Multi-Cooker

Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB – Best Versatile Multi-CookerHere’s our top-picked cooker that cooks other than the basmati rice, a wide variety of rice, veggies, and the meals to perfection. No matter, whether you are desiring steam veggies, risotto, or brown basmati rice, you would get it done with as little as no effort, with the help of its 7 automated controls.

To your surprise, you can even steam a meal and cook rice at the same time, because of its multi-cooker design. Ultimately, you will be able to save a lot of time. Just putting the meal above for steaming and the rice in the below portion is what you need to do. Despite its multi-operation, the quality does not get affected at all, and always ensures you the tasty yet nutrition preserved food at your table. 

8 cup cooked and 4 cups uncooked capacity, is what you get in its basic cooker. But if you want to get more capacity, then it would not be a problem. By adding a few more bucks into your budget, you can get a cooker of 20 cups cooked and 10 cups uncooked capacity with the same incredible features.

Moreover, the 15- hour delay timer for assisting you in planning your dinner and the “keep food warm” features were also the key value prepositions, helping this cooker to steal our top spot. 

  • Durable construction and coating
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Adequate capacity
  • The timer is programmed only for rice
  • Slow cooking makes it imperfect for impatient folks
Durable construction and the stain/scratch-resistant coating with the ease of cleaning/operation and the advanced features make Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB a perfect choice for making your delicious basmati rice.


02# Dash DRCM200BK Mini – Best Entry-level basmati rice cooker

Dash DRCM200BKDash DRCM200BK Mini – Best Entry-level basmati rice cooker is one of the simplest yet elegantly designed cookers, having a smaller size. Hence, seems to be a perfect fit for the congested kitchens, apartments, offices, and RV Vans. The design of the cooker also allows you to take it out on picnics and adventurous trips. So that you can always get freshly cooked rice everywhere.

But despite being a smaller and simply designed cooker, it has a bunch of features to offer you. For instance, it enables you to cook a wide variety of rice and other meals as well including soup, steamed veggies, and pasta. 

As soon as the meal is cooked, the keep warm function turns on automatically so that you can get the perfect food of your taste anytime, anywhere. The maximum time noted that the cooker takes to get the work done was 20 minutes, which is suitable enough. And the cleaning process is straight forward, adding a plus point into its features. 

The accessories come along includes a rice paddle, removable pot, measuring cups, and the recipe book with the recipe database access. More to mention is the 1-year warranty, which ensures you the safest investment in the cooker.

  • Lighter weight portable cooker
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Cook the rice within 20 minutes
  • Can be used for other purposes as well
  • 1-year warranty
  • Smaller 2 cup Capacity restricts it to smaller family
  • Light indicators should be monitored to avoid overcooked rice

Dash DRCM200BK is highly recommended for its user-friendly interface, ease of cleaning, and rest of the mentioned features. But the 2 cup capacity restricts it to the smaller families or to those who are needing a cooker for a single serving only. 


03# Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD – Best Compact basmati rice cooker

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD – Best Compact basmati rice cookerHere comes another cooker from the same brand Aroma, as they are the only one who produces every single cooker with premium quality features. Eventually, making kitchen life easier for many. From their hundreds of top-notch cookers, Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD is the one that you would love to operate, whenever it comes to the rice.

Either it is basmati rice, jasmine rice, white rice, or any other type of rice, this cooker will prepare you a tasty dinner every time. Other than rice, steaming veggies is not a problem at all. Similar to any multi-functional cooker, it saves time by letting you cook rice in the lower portion and steaming veggies in the upper steam tray portion at the same time.

From 2 to 8 cups cooked rice is the capacity, which is enough for the smaller to the medium-sized families. Interestingly, even a novice of your family can easily cook the basmati rice, with the help of the user-friendly digital panel. Just need to be aware of the adjustment settings to get the rightly cooked basmati rice at the end. 

As the standard advanced feature, it is also having to keep food warm functionality that automatically turns on, as soon as the rice gets cooked. Other than the features, the accessories come along including a non-stick inner pot, measuring cup, steamer tray and rice paddle are also adding value to your purchase.

  • Removable cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Keep the food warm for a longer time
  • The digital panel makes it easy to operate
  • Compactly designed
  • Multi-Function
  • Relatively Slow operation
  • Delay timer needs to be improved

For versatility, nutrition-rich rightly cooked basmati rice, adequate capacity, and the other handy features including delay timer keep food warm and digital panel, this is the perfect cooker for your use.


04# ZOJIRUSHI NS-ZCC10 – Best basmati rice cooker under 200

ZOJIRUSHI NS-ZCC10ZOJIRUSHI NS-ZCC10 – Best basmati rice cooker under 200 is designed to cater all of your rice needs regardless of how difficult it is to cook. You just need to add ingredients, adjust the appropriate setting, the cooker will get things done by itself. Not to mention, being a multi-functional cooker it can steam the veggies and cook the rice simultaneously.  

After setting everything up, just relax on your couch. Because the auto indicator’s beep will inform you when the rice will be cooked. Even if you get late reaching the cooker, still nothing to worry about, because the “keep warm” feature turns on automatically. And work with the reheating cycle to replicate the process after some interval. 

Other interesting features include a delay timer, LCD display, and the portable machine. If you do not get excited after knowing these standard features, here’s a thing for you.

ZOJIRUSHI NS-ZCC10 Features advanced fuzzy logic, which is rare even in some of the best cookers. It brings intelligence to the cooker’s operation as it automatically senses the outer temperature and adjusts the inner temperature and heating time. Consequently, you always get perfectly cooked rice every time regardless of the rice type.

  • Portable design
  • Advance Fuzzy Logic
  • LCD Display for easy navigation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Delay timer for planned dinner
  • Versatile nature
  • The smaller size (5.5 uncooked cup capacity)
  • Relatively takes a little bit more time

The basmati rice is not easy to cook, even for some of the electric rice cookers. But ZOJIRUSHI NS-ZCC10 is the one that is making it easy for you to get the rightly cooked basmati rice along with the other benefits as well. 


05# Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker

Hamilton BeachHamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker rice cooker is also a simple yet aesthetically designed rice cooker, having a user-friendly menu. Even a novice can easily reach the desired buttons and configure the things to make themselves a meal. As far as the construction is concerned, the cooker is constructed with stainless steel material, enhancing the looks along with the durability.

The Capacity is at its best as well, which is 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice. You would rarely find such a balance between capacity and the price range. As per the offered capacity, the mid-sized and the smaller families are the right ones to think about grabbing this unit.

The food warming feature is the perfect blend with that much capacity, as you can cook the food for the entire day at once. The food warming feature will turn on automatically when the food will be cooked. No matter when you are going to take it, the taste and the quality will not be faded away. 

From its 4 pre-programmed settings including white rice, whole grains, steam, and hot cereal. The white rice setting can be chosen to make yourself basmati rice. Other than that, the key feature of the Hamilton beach cooker is the fast operation, making its way to our top-picked list.   

  • Versatile in nature
  • Faster than many top cookers
  • A perfect balance between price and features
  • Stainless steel
  • Ease of use
  • Delay timer 
  • Perfect capacity 
  • Cleaning is a little bit tricky
  • Not perfect for heavy-duty use

Despite all of its features, it is not something that you can use as a heavy-duty, or for daily use. The cooker falls at the mid-range in every perspective and can be used for the lightest tasks to keep it at its best. More than that, as long as you keep following the instructions, the performance will keep winning your heart. 


06# Aroma ARC-743-1NG – Best Budget Rice Cooker for Basmati Rice

Aroma ARC-743-1NGAroma ARC-743-1NG – Best Budget Rice Cooker for Basmati Rice is the most budget-friendly cooker available on the market that could make you the basmati rice, without sacrificing the quality and the taste. You can easily get the one without burdening our putting a dent in your pocket. But keeping in mind, you can’t expect much out of it. As it is designed with the basic features only, having a 110-120V AC power. 

The brand claims that you can use its nonstick coated inner pot for cooking things other than rice as well, and even can steam veggies in it. But we would recommend you to keep using it only for the basic purpose of rice cooking if you want to keep its performance at the level of par excellence always. Though there is no restriction on what kind of rice you want to prepare, it can get you done every type of rice perfectly.

Because of being a basic rice cooker, other than cooking it has only 1 function that is to keep the food warm. Lastly, the cooker has a 3 cups uncooked and 6 cups cooked capacity that makes it suitable for the smaller of 1-3 members. 

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Steaming tray
  • Food warming feature
  • Durable construction
  • No fancy or advanced feature associated with the cooker

Compared to the price tag, the performance, and the features creates a perfect value proposition for yourself. If you are the one who just needs an appliance for cooking the basmati and other kinds of rice, then it would be the best cheapest option that you can get.


07# ZOJIRUSHI NHS-10 – Best for preparing food shortly

ZOJIRUSHI NHS-10 – Best for preparing food shortlyThe apparent look of this cooker might not win your heart in the first place, but the features will. You are just one step away, to start loving it. Let me take you to that level by revealing some of its features.

But wait! Don’t expect much as it is not fancy but a basic cooker available at an economical price.

The basic design of this cooker is to work with white and brown rice, but when you go more specific than it seems to be a perfect fit for your basmati rice craving. Along with the inner cooking pot, the cooker also features a streamer for veggies, which can be even used for boiling a chicken or any other meat. How interesting it is, isn’t it?   

The usage of the cooker is straightforward, allowing you to not mess up with anything as long as you keep the perfect water and rice ratio. After cooking and having a meal of your desire, you need to clean it up, which is not hard as well. 

As far as the features are concerned, along with the ability to cook basmati rice, it also holds the credibility to keep the cooked food warm. There is no specific button to do so, it activates itself to this function automatically as soon as it realizes that the food is cooked. 

Other interesting features include durability, a see-through glass lid, always stay cooler handles, and the 6 cups uncooked rice capacity.

  • Ease of use
  • Keep the cooked food warm
  • Handles remain cool even during the processing
  • See-through lid
  • Durable
  • Light Duty cooker
  • Relative to the features, the price tag is a little bit higher

ZOJIRUSHI NHS-10 is the perfect cooker to have with all of the necessary features, for preparing the rice at the shortest possible time without losing control over the prepared food quality. If you are on a limited budget, then you can’t afford to avoid it.  


08# Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB – Best Digital Rice Cooker

Aroma ARC-5000SBAroma Housewares ARC-5000SB – Best Digital Rice Cooker is the sleek designed rice cooker with many of the jaw-dropping features that can be avail at the best minimum cost. The money you would spend on this cooker will be the best investment of your life.  

The control panel of the cooker has LED lights on it, having a digital interface. Everyone easily can understand the entire control panel, and always shows the countdown that makes it handy. Along with that, a delay timer enhances this handy machine by allowing you to pre-plan a meal and letting you have it on the go.

The perfectly cooked food that you can get out of it is not only basmati rice, it works perfectly for making your soup, pasta, and other meals as well. Even can be used to steam the veggies simultaneously. Now, how you are going to use it, and getting much out of it, totally depends on your own creativity. 

The cooker holds the capacity of 10 cups uncooked and 20 cups cooked rice, which is fair enough. Either you are a smaller family or a larger family, this capacity is enough to fulfill all of your appetites. Whereas, regardless of the amount you are going to process in it, it always takes a little bit more time to perfectly cook anything you want to. But the straightforward cleaning process won’t be taking much of your time. 

The accessories that you get along with include, steam tray, measuring cups, an inner pot, and a rice spatula.

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Versatile in nature
  • Durability
  • Removable steam tray and cooker pot
  • Smaller power cord

There is a better contender to look for if you have a larger family. As it provides a perfect blend of advanced features and capacity at an economical price range.


09# ZOJIRUSHI NP-HCC18XH – Best induction heating cooker

ZOJIRUSHI NP-HCC18XHZOJIRUSHI NP-HCC18XH – Best induction heating cooker comes with all of the features you would be expecting from an advanced cooker.  From the beautiful design that compels with your kitchen décor to the cooking performance, everything about the cooker is better from many contenders.

The only thing that distinguishes it from other featured cookers is its induction heating system and the MICOM Technology. Both of the features work together perfectly to end up producing evenly cooked rice.

An induction heating system helps you in speeding up the heating process, bringing more efficiency and keeping the cooked food quality at the perfect level. And the MICOM Technology of the machine brings convenience in terms that the temperature and cooking time will get adjusted automatically. 

Another thing where this cooker has gone one step further is the keep food warm setting, where it has introduced the 2 variants of the same feature including, regular warm and the extended keep warm. Extended warm works when the cooker is switched off and the regular one is the one that automatically turns on when the food gets cooked.

Not to mention, this basmati rice cooker is having a delay timer, programmable setting, easy to understand control panel, and other standard features as well.  

  • Induction heating system
  • Can cook multiple types of rice
  • Programmable machine 
  • Ease of cleanliness
  • Enhanced Keep food warm technology
  • Expensive

No doubt, the product is a perfect fit for everyone looking for a basmati rice cooker. But unfortunately, everyone can’t afford to taste evenly cooked tasty rice, as it falls under the expensive cookers due to the more advanced technology incorporation. If you are lucky enough to afford it, then there is no need to look at any other option.


10# Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice CookerHere comes the last contender of the list, which is designed perfectly to fulfill your need for cooking basmati rice without much effort. Name the feature, you would be needing for cooking basmati rice, this cooker is having all of them.

For producing fluffy yet delicious rice, this cooker comes with the traditional level so that you can configure the cooking and warming features as per your preference. Other than adjusting these features and adding ingredients, you have nothing to do. The cooker will inform you, by the light indicators, as soon as the cooking process is done. Along with informing you, it also switches on the “keep food warm” feature so that the quality and taste does not get sacrificed with the passage of time until you take it.

The cooker with the 4-7 cups cooked rice capacity, also allows you to steam veggies or meat in the stainless steel steaming pot simultaneously. Interestingly, regardless of the heat’s intensity inside, the chrome-plated handles stay always cool. Consequently, letting you carry it out anywhere easily.

Steaming pot, measuring cups, cooking bowl, glass lid, rice spoon, and paddle are the accessories that you get along with this brushed stainless steel cooker, which is a fair deal enough.

  • Modern designed Cooker
  • Keep the food warm
  • Up to the mark cooking results
  • long-lasting
  • Can steam veggies meanwhile cooking rice
  • Light indicator’s sensing needs to be improved
  • Should be updated with innovative features

Cuisinart CRC-400 is the right deal for the mid-sized family and smaller families, who are craving perfectly cooked delicious basmati rice. Though, you can also use it for other types of rice and meals as well, hence, balancing its equation of price and the value you get.


How to Choose Best Rice Cooker for Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is no more a dish only for Asians. Because of its pleasant aroma, deliciousness, and health benefits, every single person worldwide loves to eat it. 

But unfortunately, getting them cooked is not a piece of cake for everyone. Only the skilled person can cook them while keeping them tasty, and preserving nutrients and aroma. 

Hence, we look for the cooker to get the work done for us. To your surprise, despite the advancement in the cooker’s technology and introduction of innovative features, you can’t find a cooker specifically designed for basmati rice. 

How shocking it is, isn’t it?

However, some cookers come with features that make them compatible for cooking basmati rice. And not everyone knows about them. Therefore, we are here to share some of the pointers that you must look for, to end up getting the most suitable one for yourself. 

So let’s get right into it;

Factors to consider before buying a basmati rice cooker

Basmati rice is no different from other rice types in terms of look. But they need to be cooked differently. And the cooker that can do wonders with basmati rice, is the one that fits with the following factors.

  • Can cook Multiple Rice types

There are multiple cookers that allow you to cook rice of more than one type. Your first focus should be to sort out such kinds of cookers. Because they are the one who gives you control over the setting the texture type along with the adjustment of temperature and cooking type. 

Though, you would not find any specific button to turn on the basmati programmed settings. Therefore, all of the aforementioned features would become handy in producing your basmati rice. 

You can set up the white or brown rice setting as per your preference, while configuring other features and keeping the perfect ratio of water and rice, for having perfectly cooked basmati rice in your dinner. 

  • Capacity

The capacity of the cookers is meant to be measured by the cups of rice that it can process. You can find the cookers, having capacity from 1 to 50 cups. 

Getting a cooker, meeting your capacity requirements is the way to go. The thing that you need to realize is, how many cups you normally make in one go so that you can get the perfectly sized cooker for your family. 

For your rough idea, here are some of our suggestions based on evidence. If you are a larger family, 10 cups capacity would be enough for you. And for smaller families of almost 4 members, the cooker with 4-5 cups capacity is the perfect fit.

Though, these are only estimations that can vary, depending on, how much your family members eat normally.

Other than that, you must consider the space available in your kitchen. Because, as the capacity increases, the size of the cooker increases as well. 

  • Some Handy features

User convenience is something that brands are eagerly working for, resultantly introducing innovative features in their cookers. Those features are a perfect win for the customers, as they assist them a lot. 

For instance, the delay timer is a feature that almost every best basmati rice cooker used to have. It allows you to pre-plan your meal by setting the machine up for work. The machine will not start until the timer lets it to do. Hence, you will be easily getting warm cooked fluffy rice after getting back home from the office every time. Interestingly, without putting much effort.

The other handy feature is the keep warm configuration, which gets turned on automatically right after the completion of the cooking process. And the purpose of it is to keep the cooked food warm until you eat it. No matter how long you keep them in the cooker, you will have the warm fluffy rice at the end. 

The steamer tray is another plus. Because the cookers that are having them, enable you to cook the rice and steam the meal or veggies simultaneously.  

Audio alert indicator, sealed lid, smart control are some other interesting features, which enhance the user experience. 

  • Construction and design

Most of the time, you would not see any difference in the appearance of the cookers. Though, the only thing that makes them different is the built quality and the material used in construction. 

Stainless steel, aluminum are the materials that you need to look for when finding the best basmati rice cooker. Because the cookers with these materials are the durable ones. However, Stainless steel is much sturdier than aluminum but weighs more. Whereas, aluminum cookers are inexpensive, and lighter in weight. Choosing any of them would be completely fine. 

The design of every cooker varies. Hence, the size it occupies. You must be identifying the space available before choosing any of the cookers. The perfect blend of cookers design and the available space you have is the right way to choose a cooker for yourself. 

  • Ease of use and cleanliness

No doubt, the cooker that is easy to use and brings ease of cleanliness is not a fantasy anymore. Almost every cooker offers these 2 amazing features. But the thing that you need to observe is whether the brand is just claiming these features, or they offer it in real. 

You don’t know how to do it?

Nothing to worry about, here’s a way!

If the cooker’s inner pot and other parts are removable, and components are dishwasher safe. Then you are ready to go. But wait, the inner pot must be coated with the non-stick material. If you have found all of these things in a cooker, then there is no need to validate anything else. You would be at ease during the cleaning process. 

Lastly, the LED digital control panel, where buttons and settings are properly placed, is the best one, ensures you ease of use. 

Wrapping Up! 

For an average person, finding the best rice cooker for basmati rice was not easy at all. But you are lucky enough to go through an entire article. Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge to get the cooker that can serve you with the evenly cooked fluffy basmati rice.

Now the decision of picking any cooker is entirely yours, but if you are still confused to choose one. We would suggest you, go with Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH for better results. Apart from that if you are on a budget, Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD needs to be considered.