What is the Difference Between Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker

by lisa | Last Updated: December 17th, 2020 at 5:43 pm

Pressure cookers are a part of almost every household from long ago, but the instant pot is the new wave. Causing confusion for users to choose the one, as they both have their own characteristics. 

For making the comparison easy for you, and finding a winner, we have crafted this blog post “Difference between Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker“. While urging you to bear with us till the end, so that you can identify their differences, and make a profound decision for yourself. 

Even though, before moving to the actual differences, you must know the basics of the pressure cooker and the instant pot. So that understanding the differences can become much easier for you. 

So let’s get into basics first;

What is a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is most likely not a new thing for you. Your grandparents have been preparing a meal for a long time, using a pressure cooker. You might be aware of the outlook. Why not understand what is at the core. 

A pressure cooker is the kitchen appliance that makes the steam inside. Resultantly, cook the food with the pressure in the pot, produced due to the steam. That’s what a pressure cooker is supposed to do, at the basic level. 

No matter what you have decided to eat in a meal, the pressure cooker can prepare it conveniently. There is no restriction of preparing any specific dishes, from the veggies to the cake, and from rice to the meat, you can prepare anything that you are desiring to take. 

Moreover, if we talk a little bit about history. The pressure cooker was first introduced by Denis Papin (Physicist) and had been shown to the public in 1939 during New York’s world fair. Interestingly, it was a commercial cooker, and not allowed to be used at home. It took almost 6 more years after that world fair to launch a home-based unit. 

Because of being so helpful in cooking food, and saving time. Pressure cookers have become a necessity of almost every household since then.

What is Instant Pot?

The instant pot is becoming the best-selling kitchen appliance of the time. From the date of its launching, the product has just kept on capturing every market and seems like it was made to conquer the world. 

To make you understand the instant pot, we can say that this ingenious machine is the upgraded model of the pressure cooker. And can be named as a technology-driven pressure cooker. But bear in mind, the instant pot is way beyond the conventional cookers in terms of functionality and power. It is designed to replace not only the pressure cooker but other devices as well. Lastly, unlike the traditional pressure cookers, instant pot does not work on gas but electricity. 

Interesting Fact
Instant pot is not a name of a device, but of the Canadian brand, who are into the manufacturing of the multi-purposes cookers. And being a market leader, with the four generations, it got that much wide-spread fame. That, all the electric cookers are now known as instant pots.

Difference between Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot despite being a cooker differs from the conventional one in many ways. If you have got the basic understanding, then you are ready to explore the differences as well. 

So let’s get into the details;

Difference Between Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker


The pressure cooker was invented at a time when there was not that much advancement in technology. And the real evolution yet to come. Hence, the conventional pressure cooker has the simplest design and a specific way to use it. 

If you have ever been into the kitchen, cooking anything. Then using the pressure cooker on your own without any guidance, is the recipe for disaster. The conventional pressure cooker has to be used in a specific way to avoid unwanted circumstances. Though, learning to use it is not that much harder. 

After learning the right use of a cooker, you can cook anything with peace of mind and ease.

Whereas, instant pots are designed with the technology and the consideration of ease of use. Any novice can easily understand the configuration process, without much guidance, and can even cook food. All thanks to the instant pots user-friendly control panel.


A pressure cooker is versatile in cooking a wide range of meals including, meat, veggies, rice, and many others. There is no doubt, it helps a lot in the kitchen during the cooking process. Therefore, it has become a necessity for every household. 

On the other hand, the instant pot is also versatile but not only in terms of preparing a meal. But also in terms of performing different functions of other appliances as well. You can make yogurt, steam veggies, and can use an instant pot as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and much more. 

Briefly, by bringing instant pot into your kitchen you can replace some other appliances as well. Because this single machine can do a bunch of things for you, other than only cooking food.


When it comes to safety concerns, the instant pot is the one who wins the battle. Because it used to be manufactured with different safety measurements. Some pots have 11 safety measurements, some have 10, it keeps on varying, based on the model you have. But the safety measurement is something that has ever been ignored in the instant pots. Interlocking is an example of one of those measurements. 

Conventional stovetop pressure cookers also ensure you the safest cooking procedure. No doubt, they do not cause you harm or any danger. But the condition is that a mature and trained person is using it. Otherwise, if not used properly, the conventional cooker is subject to explosion. 

Automatic Cooking

The instant pot gets the edge in the automatic cooking functionality. Because there is no such thing in the conventional pressure cookers. 

The delay timer is the function in instant pots that allow you to add ingredients and set the time along with the other configuration. So that the machine can automatically start cooking at the pre-set time. In the case of the conventional cooker, you have to cook the food by yourself, whenever needed. 

Cooking Duration

Both of them differ as well when it comes to cooking time. Comparing them, we found that the instant pot is 70% faster than the conventional cookers in cooking any kind of food. And the interesting thing is that despite being faster, the nutrients remain preserved. Hence served you with a delicious yet healthy meal quickly.


Instant pots being electrical cookers, malfunction often. And the entire life is recorded to be lesser than the traditional cookers. If you are looking for a long term appliance, then a conventional cooker should be preferred over the instant pot. 

Price Bracket

Because of the bunch of features, multi-purpose construction, and safety concerns the instant pots cost more relative to the traditional pressure cooker. You need to identify your users, and the budget to get the right deal.

Final Thoughts: Choose a Winner!

Declaring any of them a winner for yourself would be illogical. Because both of them have their own characteristics and serve users differently while trying their best. And more importantly, the winner for every single person would be different because of their different purpose, use, and budget. 

You need to realize what you would be using it for and how much you can afford to have it. That’s how you choose a winner for yourself. If you are looking for a multi-purpose cooker, for eliminating other appliances and having a bunch of features, then instant pot should be your preference. Otherwise, for the basic purpose and the long-term use, a Conventional cooker is your winner to go with.