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by lisa | Last Updated: December 17th, 2020 at 5:44 pm

To figure out how to use the pampered chef rice cooker, might be a real struggle for you. As they are not similar to the rest of the cookers available on the market. How can’t they be?

Because Pampered Chef is a brand that offers a lot of kitchen tools, and none of them lacks innovation and uniqueness. The same goes for their cooker. So why not, first discuss a little bit of the things that make a pampered chef cooker different from others.

So let’s get right into it;

How is Pampered Chef Cooker different?

All the rest of the cookers generally come with a cooking/inner pot along with a lid to cover the top, with its own functionality and heat supply. In short, the basic concept of cookers is that they are entirely different appliances. Hence, occupies some of the space in the kitchen as per its own dimension and footprints. 

There are many advantages to this, but the small apartment owners, dorm room students, and others who used to have smaller spaces, usually fear to have one. Maybe they love to grab one, but the situation does not allow them. 

To rescue such concerned people, a pampered chef comes with its own rice cookers. The cookers with the same purpose, but with uniqueness in them. 

They have introduced the cooker, which does not have its own control, function, and heat supply. But a cooker that has to be used with the microwave oven, to make your family rice for dinner. 

Pampered chef cookers eliminate the fear of space, as being compact equipment it can be placed easily and has to be used in a microwave oven, which everyone already has in their kitchen.

After knowing the difference between pampered chef cookers, you are ready to know how to exactly use it.

So let’s move to the actual debate!

how to use the pampered chef rice cooker

How To Use The Pampered Chef Rice Cooker

The different manufacturing approach and the concept does not mean that the cooker will be hard to use. The entire cooking process is much easier and straightforward. 

The components of this cooker include a pot, disc, and a lid. The pot is the real deal, where you are going to add the ingredients like rice and water. Whereas, the disc has to be placed on its top, which has holes in it to act as a boil-over guard. 

The purpose is to avoid the rice spatter from getting into your microwave oven. If you forget to place a disc at the top, it can cause inconvenience later. 

The last component lid is for the safety concerns and the proper cooking. It actually locks the pot and keeps the process continuing smoothly, without causing any hurdle. 

That’s the way you set it up and place it in a microwave oven to make you fluffy rice. There is not much to configure. 

But the thing that you need to consider is the water and rice ratio along with the cooker’s capacity. Otherwise, this simple process of cooking can be a headache for you. 

The brand suggests you to have 2 cups of water and one cup of rice ratio, but this is not true to follow every time. You need to get the right ratio as per the rice type you are preparing in it. Because every rice type requires a different cooking time and a ratio. 

Though in the case of the pampered chef cooker, the cooking time also depends on the model of the microwave oven, you are using to accomplish your goal. 


When it comes to the microwave oven, there is always a risk of hurting yourself with the hot steam or water. So whenever you use a pampered chef cooker, you must ensure the availability of the heatproof pads in your kitchen as a safety measurement. 

Using the heatproof pads, you can avoid hand burning. More to this, while getting the cooker out of the microwave oven, you must keep it away from your body as well. No to mention, also be alert while unlocking the lid.

Otherwise, if these precautions were ignored, the simplest process of cooking rice could cause you discomfort. 

The Other Uses

The designed compatibility of the cooker with the microwave oven, allowed the users to name it as a microwave steamer and the pasta pot as well. In fact, you can prepare a bunch of recipes using the same cooker in your microwave. To know the exact number and name of recipes, you can prepare in it, can be found over the company’s official website.

Check out the possible recipes you can try with the cooker and then align them with the right sized cooker, to get the one with enough space. As a pampered cooker comes in 3 different sizes including, 1, 2, and 3-quart sizes.

Final Thoughts

The entire approach of the pampered chef rice cooker is different. Hence, the way to use it. But not complicated to learn. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the aforementioned warnings, and the right fit sized cooker to enjoy its straightforward cooking process.